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Epitáfio a uma memória (Epitaph to a memory)

The first piece of the cycle is epitaph to an old friend who passed away in 2012. The music is slow and heavy.

Epitáfio à Razão (Epitaph to reason)

The second piece is based on a traditional religious melody from Portugal.

Through different timbres, and a musical metric seldomly connected to religious contextes, an almost macabre distortion of the original musical context of the melody was intended as a criticism to old religious fanaticism in Portuguese society.

Epitáfio ao Burlesco (Epitaph to the Burlesque)

The last epitaph is meant as a conclusion to the triptych. The connection to the concept of Burlesque comes as a result of the exaggeration of the expression of musical material, of which the context is now changed drastically in comparison to the first movement.

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