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Redivider (“Do Geese see God?”) for string quartet, was a piece finished in 2020 with the context of an application to the Bartók Composition Competition 2020, for which the submitted pieces had to be inspired in the Bartók’s string quartets. Additionally, the piece is included in a group of works which were influenced by the idea of negative space and its possible representations, with influences such as M. C. Escher and similar artists and artworks.

In this context, the architecture of the piece is in arch form, which led to the engaging in a compositional challenge of writing a musical palindrome. I started with the structural planning: the piece would mirror itself in the exact middle and would be divided in 5 sections in total (A-B-C/C’-B’-A’), each one with a particular focus – a section focused on amorphous sound masses, another focused on solo interventions from each of the players, and the middle section (where the mirroring point would be) focused on a chamber music “question & answer” type of writing.

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